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September 24, 2022

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FED September Meeting Aftermath

FED September Meeting Aftermath

Post last updated: October 28, 2023

The mood on Nasdaq remained depressed after the FED decision to increase the interest rates by 75 basis points

  • Standard values coped better stabilising at lower levels
  • The Nasdaq technology exchange fell by 1.8% on Wednesday
  • Experts say higher interest rates particularly devalue the future profits of these high-growth companies
  • S&P fell by 0.84%

What to expect from the next FED meeting

A further increase in interest rates is expected as FED raised the interest rates by 75 basis points third time in a row.

In the future, the market will react hypersensitively to any kind of Fed commentary and data.

Investment expert Brian Klimke of Cetera Financial for Tageschau

FED's priority is to fight inflation despite the economy suffering. Other western CBs are undoubtedly going to continue raising interest rates as well.


On Wednesday, September 21 the leading German index DAX closed at 12,531 points, down 1.84 %.


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