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November 14, 2022


2008 Moment For Crypto!

2008 Moment For Crypto!

Post last updated: October 28, 2023

I heard this term multiple times today only. It seems everyone is having some flashbacks from 2000 and 2008.

Is This Really Happening?

Bitcoin is hovering at $16.5k and everyone is in disbelief. We thought it would never ever go below $20k. All top maxis swore Satoshi that $17.5k was the bottom, but it wasn't, obviously!

Bitcoin dip to $16.5k

Benjamin Cowen thinks the real alt coins reckoning is yet to happen. Meaning we would see ALTs bleed crazily against Bitcoin and therefore against the USD.

TAs, TAs, Everywhere...

I'm checking some technical analysis guys, and we are now casually talking about a Bitcoin range between $3k and $20k, Yup! 3000 Uncle Sam Dollar per Orange Coin!

Bitcoin range

As for Ethereum, which represents the ALTs, the range would be $100 and $1k. The issue with these ranges isn't that they are low, the real issue is how long we stay in them. A couple of years to a decade, I would hear and somehow believe.

Ethereum range

Uncharted Area And Unprecedented Times For Crypto

Crypto markets have never entered a recessionary period where stocks are down, inflation is up, currencies are acting like shitcoins, and commodities are ridiculously priced as they are today.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Miners' capitulation is another thing everyone is mentioning these days, and they are absolutely right. Little to medium miners are losing money as of now. Some big ones already went insolvent.

I Do Not Trust You Anymore

The last events with exchanges exploding seems to have created a perfect scenario for crypto/stocks decoupling, the bad kind of decoupling though. Even if global markets started rallying for happy news like the Fed is starting to ease their interest rate hikes, everyone is numb about investing anything in this scammy crypto environment that is literally lead by criminals.


We got a bad hit, and we will be paying for it for years to come. The trust that we lost will be hard to recover.

True Bitcoiners Celebrations!

The good news is: we true Bitcoiners should celebrate! Once in a lifetime accumulation periods will be back.


If your Bitcoin and Crypto positions are good, and you are happy about them, there is nothing to be sad about. You tell me that your orange coins are on a cold wallet and the other coins are being auto-re-staked? Brilliant! You only have Bitcoin? Satoshi is waiting for you in Valhalla!

How about starting to build up larger cash position and diversifying it with multiple currencies? Maybe add more gold and potentially some silver to it? It won't hurt, I promise. 2023 might be the year to sweep the dust, golden kinda dust, sats, finneys, bits, all the way up.

As for stocks, I personally think we are good owning Bitcoin. We don't know which company is going to make it and the ETFs are in no way risk-free after everyone has poured their life savings into them over the last decade.

Tough But Amazing Times Ahead ⚠️

Really tough times are ahead of us with so many unknowns. I would not be surprised if even well-funded VCs started going out of business should this bear continues for years, or at least if they or their clients believe it would, and they start pulling out.

Looking for more stable streams of income is a high priority moving forward. Securing a good paying day job or settling in a cheap country and offering remote consultancy services are a few things to do.

Building anything in these times is tremendously valuable and would have unimaginable returns when the time is right.

Time For Action ☑️

To summarize the action points of the next planning phase—my own planning phase, but would love if you also have one.

  • Create a more conservative DCA-ing strategy
  • Create a cash-building and preserving strategy
    • Diversify assets and wallets
  • Do risk analysis of current day job or income streams
    • Research on potential relocation destinations and timelines
  • Make a solid plan to build and grow own business
  • Do a full security analysis; devices, emails, wallets, passwords, seed phrases, and communication channels
    • Move to own note-taking apps, email servers, password managers, secure chat apps, you name it

Four R's Two W's

Finally, this is all about keeping a balance between what is important and what is essential.

  • Research & Read
  • Rest & Relax
  • Wait & Win!


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